Monday, April 29, 2013

Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 Has Stopped Working

What to do when it won't load at all?  Through no screen?

The patron had already installed and uninstalled the program, but still, nothing worked.

What I did was reinstall it, while it was still installed.  While ADE was installed, I went to the ADE website and redownloaded the program.  It recognized that it was alreayd loaded, and it asked to make repairs.  I said 'yes', and it redownloaded the program.

When it was done, I opened the program, and downloaded the patrons books.

Another fix is to download an older version, such as  ADE 1.7.2.

The problem behind the issues is that it isn't fully compatible with Windows 7, which my patron was running.  The biggest issue with Win7 is the firewall, which you do have to change.

According to this blog, this should help walk you through changing your firewall so ADE2.0 can work properly:

"....WIN 7 has different firewall settings. There are 2 ways that worked for me.  In Windows Control panel, System & Security, Firewall, it showed me 2 different firewalls, one called Home or Work (Private) and the other called Network.

I turned them both off … but it still would not download my ebook. This is where I was stuck. 

Option 1. (safer) On the left side there’s a link for “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”.

I went there, where it shows a list of programs with boxes to check off for “Home/Work (Private)” and “Public”. As Digital Editions wasn’t there for me to choose, I clicked on Allow Another Program. Another pop up box still didn’t show it, so I had to browse for it.

Once found, I was able to add it to the list and checked both the “Home/Private” and “Public” boxes.  

Option 2. Still in Control Panel, System & Security, Firewall, click on Advanced Settings on the left. This area showed my Firewall was still on. I clicked on “Windows Firewall Properties” which brought me to a choice of 4 tabs, Domain Profile, Private Profile, Public Profile and IPSec Settings.

My Private and Public firewall was off (which showed in Control Panel) but the Domain Profile Firewall was still on (missing that little tidbit of info in Control Panel Firewall). I clicked on Firewall State: OFF.  Bingo, I could then download my ebook.

As I had done Option 2 first, I tried keeping the firewall Domain Profile ON and allowing Digital Editions access as a program. That worked, and as that’s safer, that’s where I’ve left it. ....."

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