Monday, December 3, 2012

Love helping someone!

Patron (on phone): Do you know what Sparknotes are?

Me: Yes, I do.

Patron: Do you have the Sparknotes for the Hobbit?

Me: Let me check.  *runs quick search*  My computer says we do, but let me check the shelf just to
make sure.

Patron: Please make sure it's  in, because I'm coming from City30MinAway.

Me: *runs to check, then gets back on phone* I have it in my hand.  Can I get your name again?
Patron: *gives name*  Thank you!

Patron (comes in an hour later to get book): *stands around because I'm on phone with another patron while co-worker is helping a different patron away from the desk*

Me: *hangs up with other patron and looks up at Patron*  Here for the Sparknotes?

Patron: *big smile*  You must be the wonderful young lady who I talked to!

Me: *big smile* I am!

*Thanks and You're Welcomes Exchanges*