Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Nook, Kindle and a Laptop walk into a library...

What do they have in common?  They all need a version of Overdrive so the owner can get our e-books.

The laptop was easy.  Getting Adobe Digital Editions on the computer, and we were set after authorizing it.

The Kindle Fire?  Even easier.  She knew what she was doing - she just got turned around with where to find it once she hit the 'get this library book'.  I showed her how to sync it, and once she got that down, she was just fine.

The Nook was a little bit harder.  We connected it to the laptop, opened the e-book in Overdrive, and I showed her how to drag it into her Nook.

Once it was in the Nook, we lost it for a minute before finding it on the next page.

It may have taken it just over half an hour (between waiting for the stuff to download and walking her through the stuff), but it was easy enough.  I gave her some handouts on all three so she could get her other laptop going for her husband.

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