Monday, July 9, 2012

1.       Genealogy record of her mother.  (Told her to come in when a volunteer was in, told her times/dates)
2.       Books on auras
3.       Michigan divorce book w/o children.  Assistance choosing forms from book (Coworker told her which chapter to read for that information).
4.       Interactive tutorial for MS office (LEL)
5.       Books on bats
6.       The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
7.       Wizards of Waverly place, iCarly & Victorious
8.       Books on Yoga
9.       Cake Doctor books
10.   Check MeL request statuses
11.   Music by Shinedown
12.   Phone number for Ardleigh Elliot
13.   Books on coin collecting
14.   Mileage from West Bloomfield, MI to Ann Arbor.
15.   Kindle e-book question
16. Divorce books w children

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