Monday, July 30, 2012

Local History

1.       Books on social work
2.       How to log in to Library website (needed to know his pin)
3.       Davenport art guides
4.       How much fines she has.
5.       The Lone Survivor
6.       Civil War books
7.       Books on ebay
8.       Books by Kristin Hannah
9.       “Canning jar” or “bug jar” quilt.
10.   Motley Crue “The Dirt”
11.   Books on Ballet
12.   Looking up her great-great-grandfather and history of pinconning
13.   Hitler and the holocaust
14.   St Stanislaus and St Hyacinth Church

One of the biggest parts of being a reference librarian where I am is the local history/genealogy room.  It's always in use, sometimes just one person, but usually multiple people.  There are four microfilm machines and four computers (for ancestry library and heritage quest), and sometimes, they're all full.  We also get a volunteer from the local genealogy society in there three times a week.

Microfilm vs microfiche:  Microfilm is on a spool (like a VHS tape) while microfiche is flat.

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