Monday, July 23, 2012


1.       Defoe shipbuilding
2.       Eviction notice
3.       McNamara Federal Building phone number
4.       Yamaha warrior – where is it? (Patron had it on hold)
5.       Senior apartments in Midland & Owosso
6.       Question on nook’s and overdrive (need a computer to read overdrive with kindle)
7.       Disabled American Veterans number – Saginaw chapters only
8.       Avon Collectibles book
9.       Small business plans
10.   Reporting tax fraud
11.   Books on writing novels

I've gotten very good at walking patrons through using Overdrive with the Kindle.  I can actually walk them through it without seeing it for myself.  The Nook I'm not so good at, but I can still do it.  But I'm awesome at the Kindle.  Especially the Kindle Fire.

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