Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cemetaries & More

So there's a lot of local cemetaries around this area, and a lot of them (but not all) have information such as who's buried in what plot in books (well, bound pamphlets) in the genealogy section.  Some of my best days are when I can find the rigth information, or lead the patron in the right direction to finding where a relative is buried. 

Local genealogy is a big thing in my library, and it's taken me quite a while to really get to know the collection.  Not just where the ghost books (133.1), dog books (636) or local history (977.447) books are, but where certain things are located.  Certain books, like high school yearbooks, specific books on local history, like the cemetary plots and marriage/death records are accessed a lot.

Needing to know how to work the websites and databases is another crucial part.  It's not just "plug this word into google and see what comes up" (or, rather, cross your fingers that the right thing comes up), but more of knowing which word is the right word.  Knowing that the subject that a patron is looking for isn't what they're calling it, but that it's something completely different.

Oh, and knowing how to read minds is also helpful.  :)

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