Monday, July 15, 2013

Books on Machiavelli

I had a patron come in today asking for books written by Machiavelli.  Did more than a handful of searches, and only 3 books came up.  Two were already 'lost' (aka a patron still has them).  One said it was on the shelf.

So I wrote down the call number (320.1 Machiavelli for those interested) and sent the patron on his way.  A few minutes later, he comes back.  Not on the shelf.

So I go back there and look at not only the shelf it's supposed to be on, but on surrounding shelves.

Not on the shelf.

So I offer to order the book, but he laughs, thanks me but declines.

So I order the book for our collection.  And I gratefully note that I'm glad that I'm weeding the 300s so I can hopefully find it.

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