Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1.       Patron wanted to know if his requested item was in.  (It wasn’t).
2.       Do we have Barack Obama: the Story by David Maraniss?  (On order)
3.       Government grants to pay for college textbooks.  (Did search, came up with several websites.  Can’t go through college as she already did.)
4.       Korean War riots in Detroit.
5.       Riots at Saginaw Fair in 1975.
6.       Books on Alcatraz.
7.       Windows 7 Bible (ordered), Excel 2010 Bible & Microsoft Office Bible.   Wanted to know what Ebooks are.
8.       2002 Bay City Times – online?  (No, just microfilm)
9.       Help finding a book on shelf.  (Found.)
10.   Freedom Writers movie (Ours is Lost, Other Branch's checked in).  Reality TV shows (no)

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